Jocelyn (athenaworth) wrote in pinup_beauty,

Anyone see "Walk The Line" this weekend?

Have any of you seen "Walk The Line" yet? My husband and I went to see it and it's OK, but MAN I love Reese's wardrobe and hair in every scene. I want to own all of her clothes from the film. However, there is one thing in particular that I want, it's the top she's wearing . . .(I'm going to cut this for spoilers if you haven't seen the movie)

. . . when they're fishing. It's a v-neck in the front and back and an off-white color. I have a skirt almost identical to the one she's wearing, but I can't seem to find the right top to wear with it, and that just seemed perfect. I'd love it if any of you might know where I can find it.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the wardrobe as much as I did.
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My sister was in it. I can't remember what scene though.